Workforce optimisation initiatives often involve difficult decisions and communication to employees. While preparing and notifying impacted employees is part of the challenge, managing your company’s reputation and work environment during and after the change is another. If your organisation undergoes restructuring, let us help you with the career transitions of your employees.

We offer outplacement and career transition services bundled with support, counseling, career guidance and search advisory to facilitate transitions for your employees. From junior to senior levels, we provide assistance to employees across functions.

We work with impacted employees to manage their expectations about what lies ahead, help them understand their immediate career options, and provide assistance with outplacement.

Making commitments happen
Managing expectations


Managing the expectations of affected employees is crucial to an organisation’s reputation as well as ensuring their smooth exit. We pay individual attention to the employees and work on tempering their disappointment on being notified.
Counselling for impacted employees


Our team has extensive experience in counselling candidates. From helping them build their resume, to guiding them with respect to the right career direction, to assisting them with interview preparation, we do it all. This is an important step in reducing the possibility of them feeling abandoned or let down by their employer.
Sensitisation sessions


We provide large scale sensitisation sessions for organisations for managers and team members to be better aligned with the situation. These sessions go a long way in keeping up the employee morale and ensuring a positive transition period for the impacted employees.
Targeted search


With our expansive network of clients and the meaningful relationships built since 1999, we are equipped to provide outplacement services at scale, across domains. We start with understanding the employees’ aspirations and skill sets and identify the best job opportunities for them.
Corporate responsibility


Workforce restructuring programmes are hard on employees - the ones that are moving out as well as the ones staying back. It is critical for organisations to undertake employee welfare measures, maintain an image aligning with their company values and brand, and maintaining integrity. Our career transition services help you in carrying out these responsibilities towards your employees.
Advisory services


In addition to helping the affected employees build and fine tune their resumes, we also provide advisory services that include insights about the job market’s landscape, and compensation trends for the role(s) and industry vertical(s) of the impacted employees.

DISCLAIMER: We carry the transition processes in complete confidentiality. Your employees’ personal information is safeguarded and will not be shared without their explicit permission.

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