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As India’s leading talent solutions provider, Careernet’s clients range from startups to large enterprises. Our winning mantra is — “Team work makes the dream work”.

We strongly believe that a diverse workforce is essential to dynamic growth and innovation — and that’s why we have people from all over India working with us.

Are you passionate, driven and want to make your mark in the recruitment space?

As India’s top talent solutions provider, Careernet’s clients range from startups to large enterprises. Our winning mantra is — “Team work makes the dream work”.

We strongly believe that a diverse workforce is essential to dynamic growth and innovation — and that’s why we have people from all over India working with us.

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Why should you join us?

Employees first

Careernet’s successful run of over two decades is based on an ethos that embraces trust, empathy, and approachability. Everyone’s voice matters.

To us, winning in the workplace comes before winning in the marketplace. That’s why every employee is encouraged to realise their full potential, to think out of the box, take calculated risks and grow beyond their dreams.

We provide equal opportunities for career-building — because when our employees grow, so does the organisation. To facilitate this, our internal processes and policies aim to empower our employees and consistently reward their performance.

Going the extra mile — with trust, integrity and tenacity

Our vision — to evolve constantly by incorporating technology and human intellectual capital to offer innovative recruitment solutions.

We may seem to wear our successes lightly, but make no mistake, we’re tenacious too. That’s how we have grown and diversified as leaders in our field. Even as we celebrate our success stories as well as share our failures, our focus continues to remain on building our relationship with our clients. We strive to consistently exceed their expectations.

Best organisation for women

Careernet has been bestowed the ‘Best Organisation for Women 2024’ award by The Economic Times, at ET NOW Best Organisations for Women Conclave 2024, hosted by Times Group. This award demonstrates the culture at Careernet, wherein we put effort into providing equal opportunity to every individual, regardless of age and gender, making them feel empowered to contribute their unique perspectives to our decision-making processes and achieve diversity alongside innovation.

With two out of three of our employees being women, this recognition underscores our dedication to embracing diversity wholeheartedly.

Life at Careernet

On our campus, every day is a seamless blend of productivity, inspired moments, fun times, and laughter. Our young, enthusiastic workforce enjoys a host of career-building opportunities such as varied learning experiences, stints with diverse customers and exposure to a broad spectrum of recruitment processes.

The nature of work today is driven by the forces of rapid technological change, varying work roles and a wide open talent market. Employees are under constant pressure to upgrade their skills and keep pace with this shifting environment. From the organisation’s perspective, it is crucial that employees’ goals and thought processes are aligned with the company’s vision and mission. Learning and development (L&D) is the way by which employees can cope with these challenges.

Careernet has a dedicated L&D team in place that aims to:

End to end virtual recruitment

      Deliver structured L&D
      programmes to ensure that
       employees have a
      consistent experience and
       background knowledge

End to end virtual recruitment

      Identify employees’
      needs and foster a
      learning culture

Our L&D function plays a significant role in the organisation by:

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      Upskilling through various
      learning initiatives/

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      Enabling employees to
      understand their

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      Building employee
      confidence through
      consistent efforts

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      Sensitising employees to
       our vision, mission,
       policies and culture

We offer multiple ongoing L&D programmes and initiatives, many of which are designed especially for new employees:

e-Induction programme

Intensive Sourcing Programme for recruiters

Training programme for lateral employees across functional domains, recruitment tools and data management tools

Initial Learning Programme for freshers/campus hires

Outbound programmes

Organisational level compliance initiatives

PoSH Awareness Initiative

Making the good life happen — employee benefits



Performance appraisals
twice a year
Work schedule

Work schedule

3 Saturdays off every


Insurance coverage

Health insurance for
employees and their families



Lunch and snacks
served in the house



Cab pickup and drop
from specific points
(subject to route and
seat availability)



workspaces set in a
sprawling 1 lakh sq. ft,
secure office campus

Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee

Vibes - the Cultural
Connect is an initiative to
showcase the creative talent
within the workforce



Weekly, fortnightly, monthly awards
Quarterly Brownie points
Half-yearly Individual Performance Bonus
Annual Performance Linked Bonus

Leading from the front

The leaders at Careernet pack some serious firepower when it comes to professional qualifications and extensive industry expertise.

Our co-founders have played a hands-on role in driving Careernet’s spectacular growth trajectory, driven by a clear vision for the organisation and backed by discipline and innovative thinking. The single-minded passion and cooperative spirit that the team brings to the table has resulted in pioneering initiatives in collaborative campus recruitment, fostering deeper connections between industry and academia, developing out-of-the-box recruitment models and promoting more inclusive workspaces.

We are currently hiring professionals with the following skillsets:

Does the prospect of working with India's leading talent solutions provider excite you?

Getting back into the groove after a career break

If you’re contemplating a return to your profession after a career break, read on. At Careernet, we make room for professionals who bring maturity and hard-earned experience to the table. We believe that capability and skills matter above all considerations; hence, our hiring policies include opening doors to candidates who have had to take a professional break due to family or other commitments. Currently, we have the following programmes on offer:


Returnship programme: This is a
gender agnostic programme
aimed at rerouting people back
to their professional journeys in
the field of recruitment

outreach programme


Making workplaces diverse, equitable and inclusive

We strongly believe that a workplace that embraces varied talents and rewards employees equitably is on the way to exponential growth. Careernet puts this belief into practice by recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds, providing them opportunities to hone their skills and encouraging innovative thinking. Our workplaces are warmly inclusive, safe, and designed to bring out the best in our employees, wherever they come from.

Does this sound like a workplace that you would like to be a part of?